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Tbilisi Amindi | Tbilisi Amindis Prognozi

Tbilisi Amindi, Tbilisi Amindis prognozi. Tbilisi's climate is generally characterized as subtropical-semi-arid (elements of a subtropical humid climate). The climate varies from temperate steppe in the east to subtropical in the west. It is characterized by mild winters and hot summers, with an average annual temperature of 12.7°C, 0.9°C in January, and 24.4°C in July; the absolute minimum temperature is -23°C, and the absolute maximum is 40°C. Precipitation is 540 mm annually. The highest precipitation is in May (90 mm), and the lowest is in January (20 mm). The amount of precipitation can vary from 15 to 25 days annually. The steppe vegetation prevails in the territory of the city, and in some places, especially on the slopes of the hills, there are secondary deciduous forest meadows.

Amindi Tbilisi

Tbilisi's relief is diverse. The main artery of the city's water is the Mtkvari River, which divides the city into northern-eastern and southern-eastern parts. Water abundance is in the spring and the beginning of summer, and scarcity is in the summer. Amindis Prognozi Tbilisi is very important. Tbilisi's outskirts have Mtkvari riverbanks: on the right bank are the Digomi Canal and the Left Bank Canal; on the left are the Gladevi Canal and the Lochini Canal. Tbilisi's outskirts also include the upper and lower Meghlori canals of the Samgori canal system, as well as the Upper and Lower Magistrate canals, the unique eastern suburbs of Tbilisi, the Lisi and Kus reservoirs.

The fortification of the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi's outskirts, in the city's districts, ranges from 425 meters (Digomi) to 370 meters (Ortachala) from the river's edge. The height of Mtatsminda, which elevates the central part of the city, is 719 meters above sea level from the river's edge. In terms of residential areas, the highest point is the so-called Nutsubidze Plateau, which is located 700 meters above sea level.

Amindis Prognozi Tbilisi

From a physico-geographical point of view, the Mtkvari River divides Tbilisi into two well-defined units - the right and left banks. The right bank is relief-wise determined by the steep slopes of the Trialeti ridge, which almost encircle the city from the northwest. Among them are located the slopes of the Mtkvari River's right-bank.

The left bank is completely terraced. You can check Amindi Tbilisi at our website. Here, there is the Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue, Didi Ubani, Avchala, and Digomi. The third terrace is 20-25 meters above the river's edge. It includes the Rustaveli Avenue, Vake, and Saburtalo districts, while on the eastern slope are Avlabari and Metekhi.

The fourth terrace, with a height of 60-80 meters, is mostly forested, steep, and cliffy. On the top of the mountain is the Lesser and Greater Lichkhi. The fifth terrace has a height of 145-160 meters. It is the best depicted in the Makhata mountain, where there is a plateau-like shape.

In the suburbs of Tbilisi, the people have long been attracted by its relief. It is believed that these places were settled in ancient times. The most interesting feature of Tbilisi's relief is the depression, which is currently filled with the "Sea of Tbilisi". However, a few centuries ago, there was a swamp.

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